Labour’s big mistake: How Corbyn’s support for Bercow ‘has done party no ...

Labour suffered a humiliating defeat in the December general election when it secured its lowest number of parliamentary seats since 1935. Mr Corbyn subsequently announced his intention to step down as leader, and four contenders are currently battling it out to take his spot in April. However, one of his last moves as party leader has drawn some controversy.

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He nominated former Speaker Mr Bercow for a peerage in January after Boris Johnson had deliberately decided not to give him a place in the House of Lords. This would have made Mr Bercow the first speaker in more than 200 years not to become a peer.

Writing in The Telegraph last month, commentator Tom Harris pointed out how Mr Bercow has been followed by allegations of bullying made by his own staff. In October 2018 there were even calls for him to resign.

Mr Harris asked: “Should Corbyn have nominated Bercow for a peerage in the first place?

“It was certainly a popular move among Labour MPs, though that in itself is hardly a justification.”

Jeremy Corbyn and John BercowJeremy Corbyn and John Bercow (Image: Getty)

Bercow stepped down as Speaker late last yearBercow stepped down as Speaker late last year (Image: Getty)

These accusations were already public knowledge when Mr Corbyn nominated him for a peerage, and fresh claims have also emerged in recent weeks.

Only two weeks ago, the former parliamentary Black Rod Lord Lisvane accused Mr Bercow of “intolerable rudeness and explosive behaviour”, and said he was filing his own formal complaint against the ex-Speaker.

The commentator pointed out how the veteran MP and former-foreign secretary Margaret Beckett said at the time of the first wave of accusations back in 2018 that “Brexit trumps bad behaviour”.

Mr Harris interpreted this as Mr Bercow’s intentions to “scupper the government’s plan to implement the decision of the 2016 EU referendum” took precedence for the Labour Party over the bullying claims.

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Bercow was a controversial figure during his time as Speaker and some don't want him to become a peerBercow was a controversial figure during his time as Speaker and some don't want him to become a peer (Image: BBC Parliament)

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Mr Harris, a former Labour MP himself, continued: “Bercow had fulfilled Beckett’s expectations by doing everything he could – including shredding his copy of Erskine May – in order to facilitate the ambitions of anti-Brexit

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