Prince Philip’s devastating confession revealed: ‘I am rude and speak out ...

Philip has been by the Queen’s side throughout her entire reign and they celebrated their 72nd anniversary in November last year. He is known for his outspoken personality and would often try to subvert royal protocol in an effort to modernise the Royal Family before he retired in 2017. Yet, he has occasionally ruffled feathers through his shocking sense of humour and uninhibited approach to life.

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The royal once said he had mastered the science of “Dontopedalogy – the science of opening your mouthed putting your foot in it, a science which I have practised for a good many years”.

However, on one particular occasion, Philip had to apologise and admit he had behaved incorrectly.

According to Philip Eade’s 2011 biography ‘A Young Prince Philip’, the royal’s friend Alex Wernher died during World War 2 on December 2, 1942.

Yet, Philip did not acknowledge his death when sending a Christmas card to the family that year.

Prince PhilipPrince Philip (Image: Getty)

Philip and his wife the Queen have been married for 72 yearsPhilip and his wife the Queen have been married for 72 years (Image: Getty)

Mr Eade explained: “At Christmas Philip sent the Wernhers a card as usual, but wrote in it simply ‘Love Philip’.

“He hadn’t heard the news of Alex’s death, although Zia [Alex’s mother] could not believe this and complained angrily to Dickie Mountbatten.”

He finally wrote to her on January 10, and expressed his condolences for his late friend.

Philip explained: “It is not easy for me to try and say what I thought of him, because there are no words which can describe a friendship between two boys, those things just are and one does not stop to think why.

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Philip has been by the Queen's side throughout her reignPhilip has been by the Queen's side throughout her reign (Image: Getty)

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“Dear Zia, I know you will never think very much of me. I am rude and unmannerly and I

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