Apex Legends season 4 COUNTDOWN: Release date, start time, Revenant, gameplay ...

APEX LEGENDS season 4 countdown has begun. Here's all you need to know about the release date, start time, new Revenant hero and gameplay trailer.

PUBLISHED: 17:32, Mon, Feb 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 17:45, Mon, Feb 3, 2020

Apex Legends season 4Apex Legends season 4 countdown - Release date, start time, Revenant, gameplay trailer (Image: EA)

Apex Legends season 4 is fast approaching, with the release date and start time for the new Battle Pass which brings with it Revenant drawing near. Apex Legends season 4 - which has been dubbed Assimilation - will be launching on the one-year anniversary of Apex Legend’s initial release. This week marks a year since EA and Respawn first launched Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

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And to mark the big anniversary Apex Legends season 4 will be arriving on the game’s birthday.

Apex Legends season 4 has a release date of Tuesday February 4 with a start time of 6pm GMT expected.

One of the big additions of Apex Legends season 4 will be the new hero Revenant, who has been dubbed a “walking nightmare”.

Revenant was first introduced in the video that was meant to reveal all on Forge, with the assassin killing the hero in their big unveiling video.

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Later Respawn released the stylish launch trailer for Assimilation, which showed Revenant on one of their hits.

The trailer hinted at more lore for Apex Legends season 4, with Hammond Robotics once again featuring.

While the Revenant intro could also be teasing another new hero - Loba - who is the daughter of one of the assassin’s victims.

Ahead of the launch of Apex Legends season 4 Respawn are debuting a gameplay trailer that will be going live at 6pm UK time on Tuesday February 3.

While in the run-up to the Apex Legends season 4 launch Respawn revealed more about the new Battle Pass in a blog post.

Respawn announced that besides Revenant Apex Legends season 4 will also be bringing with it a brand new weapon, the Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle.

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