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RIVERDALE briefly ventured to New York in the latest episode which saw yet another crossover between the teen drama and one of its spin-off shows. But there are big question marks hanging over the news Veronica received when she returned from her trip.

PUBLISHED: 01:00, Wed, Feb 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 06:41, Wed, Feb 12, 2020

In a rare scene, Riverdale took the story temporarily out of the small suburban town and went to New York as Veronica Lodge (played by Camila Mendes) had her interview with Barnard College. When she announced to her parents that she was going away for a few days to the Big Apple, her father Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) said him and Hermione (Marisol Nichols) would also be going there on business. However, this wasn’t the truth, according to Veronica’s mother.


Hermione paid daughter Veronica a visit in her bedroom when she returned back from New York.

She sat her down and told the teen the real reason behind their trip.

There were no planned business meetings but rather specialist doctor’s appointments for Hiram as he had been suffering some problems with his mobility.

Hermione tells Veronica that her father has been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder which could lead to his muscles deteriorating.

The news is very much unexpected and the conversation brings both of them to tears.

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Riverdale hiram lodgeIs Hiram Lodge faking his rare illness to try and keep Veronica in Riverdale? (Image: The CW)

Riverdale hermione hiram lodgeCould Hermione and Hiram Lodge be working together to persuade Veronica to stay in Riverdale? (Image: The CW)

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The next time fans see Veronica, she is gearing herself up to go speak to her parents.

She informs them both that she aced her interview with Barnard College who offered her a place.

They both seem to be delighted at the news but one detail in her announcement stuck out for Hiram.

Since their ongoing feud had heightened in recent months, Veronica has gone by her grandmother’s surname Luna in a bid to get back at her father.

But she revealed she would be sticking with Veronica Lodge to please her ill father, despite him being unaware of her and Hermione’s earlier chat.

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