Ian Blackford’s chilling prediction about Scottish independence revealed

Mr Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, has backed Nicola Sturgeon’s calls for the Commons to allow Indyref2 to take place – and soon. Scotland’s First Minister Ms Sturgeon has used her party’s success in the December general election as a supposed mandate for another public vote on independence for Scotland.  As the main party which campaigned to leave the Union, the 48 seats the SNP won – out of a possible 56 Scottish seats in the Commons – supported Ms Sturgeon’s argument that Scots wanted a second say only six years after the last once-in-a-generation vote.

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Mr Johnson has slapped down any such request. He believes the 2014 independence referendum result must be respected, at least for the duration of his five-year Parliament.

Yet, speaking exclusively to The Herald in early January, Mr Blackford warned that the Government cannot suppress the calls for independence for long.

He claimed: “The dam will burst.”

Mr Blackford continued: “We will make sure we are building the case both for Scotland to be independent and for the right to have that independence referendum at home and abroad.

“So we are simply not going to let this go.”

Boris Johnson and Ian BlackfordBoris Johnson and Ian Blackford (Image: Getty)

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, has been campaigning for Indyref2Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, has been campaigning for Indyref2 (Image: Getty)

In her Brexit day speech, Ms Sturgeon insisted that any referendum must be “legal and legitimate”. 

She has been campaigning for a section 30 order from Westminster since late last year, in the hope it would give the Scottish Parliament the power to call a referendum, but Mr Johnson has so far refused her request.

She also emphasised that Indyref2 may have to wait until after the 2021 Scottish elections.

On the other hand, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack argued against this idea and said it would lead to “a series of neverendums”.

In January, he told BBC Scotland’s Sunday Politics show: “We do not think that 2021 is the time to start having more referendums. They’re very divisive for our society.”

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Sturgeon and Westminster's SNP leader BlackfordSturgeon and Westminster's SNP leader Blackford (Image: Getty)

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He said Scotland should wait at least a generation – if not a lifetime – before addressing the matter of independence again.

Speaking during PMQs, Mr Blackford said: “How many times do the people of Scotland have to vote for the SNP to give the Scottish Parliament a mandate to have an independence referendum?”

His comments

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