A person faced an embarrassing blunder on Google Maps

A PERSON was left on the ground after a Street View scare sent her tumbling into a field, but how did this embarrassing incident take place?

PUBLISHED: 14:39, Wed, Feb 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 14:58, Wed, Feb 12, 2020

Google maps street view fallGoogle Maps: The Street View camera may have been the cause of this incident (Image: Google Maps)

Google Maps is a great tool for navigating your way across the globe. It is also increasingly being used by viewers to uncover some bizarre moments you might not expect.

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A Reddit user came across a moment that left viewers laughing but could have caused a major injury.

On a sleepy road in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland, a shocking moment left one person face down in a field and Google Maps could largely be to blame for the blunder.

The scene unfolds on a country road, lined with shrubs and fields either side.

The sun shines overhead, and the surroundings seem mostly remote, except for what appears to be a horse rider up ahead.

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Google maps road in finlandGoogle Maps: At first everything is calm as the horse trots down the road (Image: Google Maps)

Google maps horse gets a frightGoogle Maps: The horse appears to get a fright, changing direction suddenly (Image: Google Maps)

As the viewer clicks towards the direction the horse is trotting in, suddenly an unexpected incident occurs.

The horse can be seen suddenly changing direct, its body movements appearing erratic.

The slick black creature can then be seen as it makes its move; each time the Google Maps camera moves along the horse is in a new position.

It can be seen bounding into a nearby field, the rider still safely on its back.

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