A simple hack can help slash utility bills by £350 - how does it work?

BILLS are something homeowners will need to deal with each month. However, an expert revealed a tip to save £350 on water bills and related cleaning costs. What can you do?

PUBLISHED: 17:19, Tue, Feb 18, 2020 | UPDATED: 19:09, Tue, Feb 18, 2020

Water bills are something most Britons needs to pay but they do not need to cost a huge amount. Homeowners could cut a whopping £350 off the combined cost of water bills and cleaning products, according to new research. How does it work?

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When trying to save some money, homeowners can make a change in their home, research by Harvey Water Softeners, revealed.

By installing a water softening, the cost of bills and cleaning products could drop by around £350.

However, the price of a water softener can range from hundreds of pounds to thousands, according to ecowater-softeners.co.uk.

This means Britons will need to consider whether the cost is worth it before making a purchase.

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Water bills UK: Women saving money utilityWater bills UK: Homeowners can save money on their bills (Image: GETTY)

Water bills UK: Homeowner billsWater bills UK: Making a change in the home could reduce the cost of bills (Image: GETTY)

The research found installing the device would shrink gas bills from £577.22 to £414.43, resulting in a saving of 28.2 percent.

In addition, the cost of cleaning products would go down by 50 percent, from £124.80 a year to £62.40, the study claimed.

It was also suggested homeowners would

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