Fans of #Lucifer are eagerly awaiting its return to - but could Lilith ...

LUCIFER season 5 will return later this year with fans of the show eager for more antics from the charismatic devil. But could Lilith be introduced in the new series?

PUBLISHED: 18:39, Wed, Feb 19, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:48, Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Lucifer fans finally found out more about Maze’s (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) past in season four when she spoke about her mother Lilith. Given she is also the first wife of Eve’s (Inbar Lavi) ex Adam, some viewers have been eager to know whether she could make an appearance in the show.

Will Lilith appear in Lucifer season 5?

In the fourth season of Lucifer, Maze and Eve had a heart-to-heart about Lilith.

She was revealed to be Maze’s mother as well as the first wife of the first man, Adam.

In episode six, Eve said: “Our entire marriage he was just pining over wife number uno - Lilith tamed the beasts of the night, stupid perfect Lilith.”

Maze responded by telling her she wasn’t perfect before confiding how much of a bad mother she also was to her.

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Later she revealed more to Linda (Rachael Harris) after she gave her a baby blanket.

She said: “My mother Lilith, let’s just say she wasn’t mum of the year.”

Both Eve and Maze confided about their struggles with dealing with her, which may have left some wondering whether she could make an appearance in the future.

This may especially be the case as it has been confirmed Eve will be returning to the show

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