Brexit warning: EU could crumble amid budget row as leaders ‘fight like rats ...

Heads of state were ferried out of Brussels on Friday evening after failing to reach a breakthrough on the seven-year budget at a two-day summit, with one slamming the Brussels chief for the “unacceptable” proposal. European Council leader Charles Michel had hoped to win over the 27 leaders with his package - but it backfired with a standoff between “frugal” member states and poorer countries. weighed in on the dispute, with thousands responding to a poll which asked, “Do you think the EU will collapse without UK budget contributions?” 

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Seventy-eight percent (5,114) respondents said “yes” while just 19 percent (1,231) said “no”.  

Only three percent (239) of readers said they didn’t know.  

A total of 6,584 people took part in the poll between 10.15am and 8pm on Friday, February 21.  

eu-budget-macron-Amelie de Montchalin-President Macron and Amelie de Montchalin leave a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels (Image: GETTY)

eu-budget-brussels-brexit- charles-michelCharles Michel admitted the summit had not led to a breakthrough (Image: GETTY)

Some readers were quick to lay bare their true feelings towards the EU, with many saying the budget row was just one factor which would contribute to the bloc’s inevitable downfall.  

One reader said: “Remoaners used to say the EU would be just fine without UK budget contributions, they would hardly notice our missing payments. 

“We Brexiteers said they would end up fighting like rats in sacks, the rich countries refusing to pay more, and the poor countries refusing any cuts to their handouts. 

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eu-budget-brussels-brexitAngela Merkel said she did not know when the next round of budget talks would be held (Image: GETTY)

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“And so the Brexiteers were right again.”  

Another said: “I think we are now watching the beginning of the end of the EU, let’s hope it’s a slow excruciating implosion.  

“We should cause the maximum amount of damage while this is going on. Payback is going to be sweet and hilariously amusing.”  

And a third summed up the situation by simply saying: “I think it will collapse regardless.”  

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