Why UK will be ‘best country in the world for science’ after leaving EU ...

Mr Frost spoke at ULB Brussels University about why he is optimistic about Brexit and set out the UK Government’s plans for a UK-EU trade deal. In the speech, he argued the UK will benefit from setting its own rules and regulations, particularly for new sectors and new conditions. He added there are also plans to boost spending on research and on making the UK a desirable place for the world’s best scientists to flock to.

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He said: “I think looking forward, we are going to have a huge advantage over the EU – the ability to set regulations for new sectors, new ideas and new conditions – quicker than the EU can, and based on sound science, not fear for the future.

“I have no doubt that we will be able to encourage new investment and new ideas this way, particularly given our plans to boost spending on scientific research, attract scientists and make Britain the best country in the world to do science.”

This will be fantastic news for the scientific community, as there were fears Brexit could negatively impact research funding available.

Much of the scientific research conducted in the UK gets funding from the EU, so once that funding disappears post-Brexit, it is crucial the gap is filled by funding from the national Government and/or other sources.

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brexit news scienceThe UK government is intending to make the UK the best place for science in the world (Image: GETTY)

uk scienceCancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (Image: GETTY)

Figures released in October 2019 showed Brexit uncertainty was having an adverse effect on scientific research in the UK.

Analysis by the Royal Society suggested scientists were choosing not to work in Britain, with a 35 percent drop in those coming to the UK via EU schemes.

Royal Society President Professor Venki Ramakrishnan said: “People do not want to gamble their careers when they have no sense of whether the UK will be willing and able to maintain its global scientific leadership.”

After the referendum, no one knew what type of Brexit the UK would eventually adopt.

royal societyRoyal Society President Venki Ramakrishnan (Image: YouTube – Oxford Union)

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