‘So disappointing’ UK entry slammed as James Newman revealed as performer ...

In the past, the UK’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest has been decided by the public but this year was slightly different. James Newman was revealed to be this year’s performer on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and the official Eurovision Twitter account.

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However, after hearing the single My Last Breath, fans of the Song Contest were divided with many uncertain it would make an impact in May when the competition takes place.

Taking to Twitter to comment, one fan wrote: “Why is it so disappointing?”

Another added: “Worst song a ballad again we expected a banger not this snooze fest.”

“I like it but in terms of competitiveness the song will just fade into the background and won’t improve our recent attempts,” a third shared.

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James Newman EurovisionEurovision 2020: ‘So disappointing’ UK entry slammed as James Newman revealed as performer (Image: YOUTUBE)

Eurovision announcementEurovision 2020: James Newman was announced as this year's performer (Image: TWITTER/BBC EUROVISION)

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Someone else commented: “Another boring filler song...bring on the banger. Man facepalming.”

However it wasn’t all bad news as some were thrilled by the offering.

“At last a credible song to send to #Eurovision,” one fan tweeted.

Another added: “Much better than last year,” while a third asked how to download the track.

Wim Hof in My Last BreathEurovision 2020: Wim Hof appears in the video for My Last Breath (Image: YOUTUBE)

James NEwmanEurovision 2020: James' offering has divided fans on Twitter (Image:

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