Saturday Night Takeaway: ‘Not for me’ Viewers ‘disgusted’ at steak bake ...

Ant and Dec are back on ITV with Saturday Night Takeaway which sees the pair putting suspecting and unsuspecting participants do a number of challenges. However, this evening featured a pretty disgusting challenge which saw how quickly contestants could devour Gregg’s steak bakes as Stephen Mulhern watched over to make sure there was no cheating. But the challenge left viewers feeling a bit sick after the segment.

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Regular to Saturday Night Takeaway, Stephen Mulhern’s, newest segment saw him go to Gregg’s HQ and put the staff to the ultimate test. 

One task saw some of the staff tie string to their toes, with a steak bake at the other end of the string. 

Each contestant had to try to eat the steak bake dangling in front of them whilst controlling the string with their feet.

However, some viewers were left queasy as the worker’s ender up with more steak on them than in them.

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Saturday Night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern challenge leaves viewers queasySaturday Night Takeaway: Gregg's steak bake challenge left viewers queasy last night (Image: ITV)

Saturday night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern went to Gregg's HQ to challenge the staffSaturday Night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern travelled to the Gregg's HQ to challenge the staff to a steak bake race (Image: ITV)

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Viewers quickly took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the messy challenge. 

One fan wrote: "Thats me put off Steak Bakes for the foreseeable..."

Another added: “I'm not 100% sure about this Stephen Mulhern segment..."

And one more explained: “I will never eat a Steak Bake again.”

Saturday Night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern was left shocked at the speed some contestants ate the steak bakesSaturday Night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern was left baffled at the speed the staff at the steak bakes (Image: ITV)

Saturday Night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern was shocked at the speed some of the staff at the Gregg's steak bakesSaturday Night Takeaway: Stephen Mulhern challenged the staff at Gregg's to eat a steak bake as quickly as possible (Image: ITV)

However, for some viewers, the challenge only

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