#AntiquesRoadshow expert reveals enormous valuation of guitar owned by John ...

Tonight’s instalment of Antiques Roadshow saw one guest bring in an “exceptionally rare” guitar once owned by John Lennon and George Harrison. Expert John Baddeley said it was the “most expensive thing” he has ever seen in 25 years. How much was the instrument worth?

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The prototype guitar was made by Bartell’s of California in the sixties and was brought to Battle Abbey in Sussex to be evaluated.

The owner went on to reveal the exceptional piece was given to him by George Harrison.

They explained: ““In the ‘70s and ‘80s I was doing lots of recording sessions on guitar and one of the things I used to do regularly was sessions for Handmade Films.”

Handmade Films was co-funded by George and at the end of one of the recording sessions, the musician asked the guest to play a “strange” guitar.

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John Lennon George Harrison guitarAntiques Roadshow expert reveals enormous valuation of guitar owned by John Lennon (Image: BBC)

Guest with George Harrison guitarAntiques Roadshow: The guitar was a protoype from Bartell's of Califronia (Image: BBC)

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“It’s a strange old thing to play,” the guest noted.

“I played a few notes and he said ‘Yeah you’re definitely getting more out of it than I am, it’s doing better for you, why don’t you have it.’”

To prove it was owned by George and John, the guest produced a photograph of the former with his guitar collection, including the Fretless.

John said the photographic evidence was the “icing on the cake” as it proved who owned the guitar.

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