Rick and Morty releases NEW teaser as fans await new episodes #RickandMorty

Fans of the Adult Swim show were thrilled when five new episodes dropped in late 2019. Unfortunately, Rick and Morty still hasn’t delivered the second half of the ongoing season, and a new teaser trailer has ignited hopes that new stories are on the way. 

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The animation from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon remains one of the most inventive cartoons on television. 

However, even the most devoted fans of the series have been frustrated by its lengthy hiatuses between seasons. 

A new teaser trailer promoted by the Rick and Morty Twitter account has sparked theories the show could be returning soon. 

Although, its 15-second-run time and strange art style means it could simply be an updated showreel for the show itself, rather than a hint towards new episodes. 

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Justin Roiland and Taika WaititiRick and Morty releases teaser as fans await new episodes (Image: Adult Swim)

Rick and MortyRick and Morty: A line of imprisoned Mortys (Image: Adult Swim)

Rick and Morty: Rick has been running from Evil Morty for years

As one of the more complex animated shows the long waits are understandable, but it’s no surprise fans are getting a little desperate for new content.

Posts on social media from the series have confirmed new episodes will indeed drop later in 2020.

Sadly, there’s no specific confirmed date for their arrival.

The teaser itself is a fitting showcase of the series, but some fans are questioning

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