Claire Fraser to suffer tragic loss after newcomer's arrival #Outlander

As beloved Outlander couple Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) were waking up, a call from their camp came that there was a thief. The pair rushed to find out what was going on and were shocked to learn that Josiah Beardsley, who is a hunter at Fraser’s Ridge has a twin brother, Keziah, who he helped to rescue from his abusive master. The pair agreed they would set out to find their master Mr Beardsley to set them free.

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However it wasn’t as easy as that as they soon discovered Mr Beardsley had had a stroke and his young wife Francis had been torturing him.

Francis insisted she was getting revenge for all of the pan and abuse Mr Beardsley had inflicted on her, his former wives, and Josiah and Keziah.

But Claire claimed she had to help Mr Beardsley and take him into town to receive help.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan as Francis went into labour and gave birth to a daughter whose father was black, meaning the tot was not Mr Beardsley’s.

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Claire Fraser Brianna FraserOutlander season 5 theories: Claire Fraser to suffer tragic loss after newcomer's arrival (Image: STARZ)

Francis Beardsley OutlanderOutlander season 5 theories: Francis had been torturing her husband and gave birth to a daughter (Image: STARZ)

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Claire and Jamie were keen to make sure Francis knew she would be looked after and her husband would pay for what he had down.

But Francis clearly didn’t trust the couple as they awoke the next morning to find she had fled leaving behind the deeds tying Josiah and Keziah to Mr Beardsley along with the deed to the house.

She had also left the day old baby, which Claire scooped into her arms and promised to look after.

Once they had packed up their belongings and were ready to head into town to

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