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Part of Yahoo’s popularity is how an account is much more than just an email provider, offering access to various Yahoo features, including a news feed, calendar, notepad section, address book and much more. Yahoo accounts also allow users to manage rival email platforms like Microsoft’s Outlook and Google Gmail, from within Yahoo Mail, as well as configuring auto-replies when you are away.

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How to you send an email on Yahoo:

The best way to create a new Yahoo account is via the Yahoo desktop website.

Users should begin by accessing the Yahoo Sign-In page.

They should next complete the form starting with their full name, a username preference, password, phone number, birthday and sex.

The password should be made as strong as feasibly possible to prevent others from illegally accessing their Yahoo email account.

If the email password is too difficult for you to remember, users should consider using a password manager.

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Yahoo inbox vs Gmail inboxYahoo inbox vs Gmail inbox: Message options are pretty standard for both Google Gmail and Yahoo (Image: Yahoo/Gmail )

Google Gmail appGoogle Gmail: Gmail is the world's most popular website (Image: Getty)

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The phone number is required as a precaution for account recovery.

Users should next select either Text Me an Account Key or Call Me With a Verification Code to confirm they really do possess the phone associated with that number.

This code must be entered to verify the phone access before then selecting Verify.

Users will then be automatically redirected to the Yahoo email homepage.

They can easily access Yahoo Mail by clicking Mail on the page’s top right corner or by accessing the mail.yahoo.com URL.

Google Gmail logoGmail: A Google account is much more than just an email provider (Image: Getty)

Yahoo email logoYahoo email: An account includes a news feed, calendar, notepad section, address book and much more (Image: Getty)

Yahoo inbox vs Gmail inbox: Which is better?

Message options are pretty standard for

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