Real reason Dominic Cummings wanted ‘weirdos and misfits’ in Downing Street ...

Mr Cummings is regularly perceived as a controversial figure within No.10, and he hit the headlines again last week over the spat between him and former Chancellor, Sajid Javid. Mr Javid suddenly resigned after only seven months in the job.  In his resignation speech, he alluded to the “Cummings and goings” which influenced his shock decision and appeared to confirm reports of an ongoing clash with the senior advisor.

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Mr Cummings was behind the Vote Leave campaign and has since developed a reputation for upsetting the conventions within Downing Street.

In early January, he wrote a blogpost requesting that “weirdos and misfits” apply to the civil service in an effort to shake-up Government.

Then, after the controversial appointment of Andrew Sabinsky came to light, Mr Cummings’ tactics for recruitment were questioned.

However, journalist Matthew Syed told the BBC’s Beyond Today podcast how the senior advisor’s call for unusual characters to join Whitehall may turn out to be very effective after all.

Speaking in February, Mr Syed said: “The institutions of the public sector often converge, become rather monolithic in the way they view the world.

Dominic CummingsDominic Cummings (Image: Getty)

Cummings is Boris Johnson's most senior advisorCummings is Boris Johnson's most senior advisor (Image: Getty)

“So he wants to bring in people who can disrupt that, bring in divergent thinking, the cross-pollination of ideas.

“He’s also interested in coming up with wiser predictions.”

He explained Mr Cummings is using a theory called “the wisdom of the crowd”, which emphasises how it is better to have people who think differently working together.

Mr Cummings had appealed to the public by writing that “we need some true wild cards, artists, people who never went to university and fought their way out of an appalling hell hole, weirdos from William Gibson novels”.

He explained: “We want to hire an unusual set of people with different skills and backgrounds to work in Downing Street.

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Cummings with Lee Cain, Downing Street Director of CommunicationsCummings with Lee Cain, Downing Street Director of Communications (Image: Getty)

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