#TheWalkingDeadUK showrunner 'confirms' Connie will return after cave ordeal

The Walking Dead viewers were a little astounded last week with the continuation of the harrowing cave plot in the AMC horror. While a number of the show’s characters were trapped in the cave full of Walkers for a while, many of them managed to get out unscathed. However, not everyone was as lucky.

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Connie (played by Lauren Ridloff) was left in the caves with Alpha's (Samantha Morton) hoard - but her fate was not completely confirmed.

It certainly looked like she had been killed off after Carol (Melissa McBride) let off a stick of dynamite in the cave, trapping her underground.

Many TWD fans mourned the loss of the character, as it looked like they had seen the last of her.

But fans of the show may have been given some hope for her future, as showrunner Angela Kang has dropped a huge hint about her fate.

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The Walking Dead season 10 daryl dixon connieThe Walking Dead season 10: Connie may return in the coming episdoes (Image: AMC)

The Walking Dead season 10 connieThe Walking Dead season 10: Connie may return after filming has concluded (Image: AMC)

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Speaking to Insider, Angela was asked about Connie’s story, and whether it had anything to do with the actor’s filming schedule.

Connie actor Lauren is due to appear in the Marvel film Eternals this year, which was filmed over the past few months.

The publication suggested this break for Connie’s story may have been the perfect opportunity for Lauren to leave set and film with Marvel for some time.

On this, Angela laughed: “That is a very apt observation. Yeah, there is some aspect of that that is true.

The Walking Dead season 10 daryl dixonThe Walking Dead season 10: Daryl's story could see him fall out with Carol (Image: AMC)

“But I think for the story, it's

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