#Liar viewers outraged over shock arrest for Andrew's murder - 'Too obvious'

Laura Neilson (played by Joanne Froggatt) believed her ordeal at the hands of Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) was finally over as the first season of Liar concluded two years ago. With the rapist exposed, it was thought his victims might finally get justice until a shock twist saw him end up dead. This evening’s first instalment of the second outing from the ITV drama saw the story pick up just days after the cliffhanger ending. However, viewers were left infuriated as the police believed they had the right suspect.

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With Metropolitan police detective Karen Renton (Katherine Kelly) brought in to try and crack the case, one of the first people she spoke to was school teacher Laura.

The latter had more motive than most to commit murder, given the lengths she had to go to prove Andrew had raped her.

What didn’t help matters is that after a member of the authorities got a warrant to search her property, they discovered a set of car keys belonging to the deceased in her bedside cabinet.

As she was brought in for questioning, her reluctant to admit she killed her attacker led to the DI to arrest her suspect and viewers were not pleased.

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Liar season 2: ITV viewers outraged over arrest for Andrew's murderLiar season 2: ITV viewers outraged over shock arrest for Andrew's murde (Image: ITV)

Liar season 2: Laura NeilsonLiar season 2: Laura Neilson was interrogated over Andrew Earlham's murder (Image: ITV)

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Taking to Twitter, fans flocked to the social media platform to voice their fury over Laura being the prime suspect in the case.

One wrote: “Surely they wouldn’t be able to arrest someone on such little evidence and not let them have a lawyer in real life? And can’t they check her movements on CCTV? #Liar.”

Another added: “There's a list of suspects and she arrests her #Liar,” to which a third commented: “Apart from a car key, she has no real evidence to arrest her? #Liar.”

A fourth shared: “#Liar no way was it her... too obvious still think its womans girlfriend who did it.”[sic].

Liar season 2: Laura Neilson and DI Karen RentonLiar season 2: Laura Neilson was arrested by DI Karen Renton for murder (Image: ITV)

Liar season 2: Katy SutcliffeLiar season 2: Katy

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