Royal history rewritten: The true story behind the King James I 'sirloin' steak ...

The monarch, who reigned for 22 years during the 1600s, was previously rumoured to have named the popular cut of meat. The myth emerged after a two-day banquet with 129 dishes served in total over dinner, supper and breakfast. The mighty meals included wild boar, mutton, veal, turkey, rabbit, quail, pheasant, duck and more. According to the beliefs of the time, it was there that King James I declared “Arise Sir Loin”, while referring to the prime cut of beef. But the unusual account appeared to be nothing more than an old wive’s tail. 

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The bountiful banquet was served at the prestigious Houghton Hall in Lancaster, in August 1617. 

It is said to have been so hefty that 14 staff were needed to be able to serve the tantalising treats to King James I.

Among those who would have sampled the feast was Sir Henry Houghton, the Duke of Buckingham and the Earls of Pembroke, Richmond, Nottingham, and Bridgewater.

The fifteenth century reception was immortalised in history by the legend that the King found the beef so delicious that he decided to bestow it with an honour.

King James I apparently named sirloin steakKing James I was believed to have coined the name of the cut 'sirloin' after a tasty steak (Image: GETTY)

King James I apparently named sirloin steakThe King reigned for 22 years and was believed to have named the meat cut during a gigantic feast (Image: GETTY)

The story claimed that the King declared to his

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