Coronavirus outbreak in UK to SURGE as experts warn killer virus to remain for ...

Health officials in the UK have also warned the outbreak will not only hit a high next month but will also take months to drop off. Commenting on the outbreak, the chief medical officer for Wales, Dr Frank Atherton, warned there will be an “upsurge in April” before tailing off later in the year.

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He added: “The best guess is then a period of six to eight weeks of quite significant levels of transmission in the UK, with a tapering perhaps in July and August - so an upsurge in April, possible peak in May/June and a downturn later in the year.”

The report of an uptick in cases next month comes as Boris Johnson warned the chances of person to person transmission was “clearly on the cards”.

Such is the severity of the virus in the UK, Mr Johnson was forced to call a COBRA meeting this week.

The Government has now drawn up a 27-page battle plan to contain the virus.

Coronavirus outbreak: The disease could take months to die offCoronavirus outbreak: The disease could take months to die off (Image: GETTY)

Coronavirus outbreak: UK numbers to increase next monthCoronavirus outbreak: UK numbers to increase next month (Image: GETTY)

Speaking at a press conference in Cardiff Bay, the health official also warned the increase in diagnosed cases of coronavirus is “almost inevitable”.

He added: “We have to think about our most vulnerable communities and how to protect them.

“If you think about the most vulnerable populations, they are often in nursing homes or care homes.

“I think we need to intensify the advice to people that if you have a cold or flu-like illness, don’t go and visit your auntie in a care home.”

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Coronavirus: Mr Johnson warned of person to person transmissionCoronavirus: Mr Johnson warned of person to person transmission (Image: GETTY)

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