One woman shed a staggering 10 stone in one year with this diet plan #weightloss

A WOMAN who shed an impressive 10 stone in one year has shared the diet and exercise plan she used. What did she do to get into shape?

PUBLISHED: 18:28, Tue, Mar 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:41, Tue, Mar 3, 2020

Weight loss is not easy to achieve but a diet and exercise plan will help kick start results. One woman lost a remarkable 10st 1lb and seven dress sizes after making a huge change to her lifestyle. What diet plan did she use?

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Holly Hague, 27, had always struggled with her weight and would comfort eating to deal with insecurities.

Over the years, she noticed her weight creep up to 21st 5lb and she squeezed into a size 26.

Two years ago, the dieter decided enough was enough and signed up for her local slimming group.

Since then, Holly has transformed her diet and exercise regime and managed to drop an impressive 10 stone.

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Weight loss transformation: Before after diet planWeight loss transformation: A woman shed 10st 1lb in just one year (Image: LIGHTERLIFE)

Weight loss transformation: Before diet planWeight loss transformation: She used a LighterLife diet plan to slim (Image: LIGHTERLIFE)

She said: “I know this is cliché but at the end of 2017 I was in the mindset of ‘new year new me’.

"I knew I wanted fast weight loss that really would change my eating habits for good.

“I spent my childhood being chunkier than others in my class and far too many years comfort eating to drown out the mean remarks. It was time I found my self-worth.”

The dieter signed up for the LighterLife plan which focused on eating calorie-controlled meals.


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