Coronavirus sparks hand sanitiser shortage - Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s ...

The number of reported cases of the virus has jumped to 51 today with the Government drawing up an emergency plan in order to help contain the spread of the contagion. In order to mitigate against coronavirus, several retailers across the country have had to limit shoppers to two hand sanitisers per customer.

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With the deadly contagion spreading, pictures obtained by show shops cleared out of any hand cleaning sanitiser.

This website understands Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and SuperDrug are all suffering from shortages.

Members of the public have criticised the lack of supply.

One person from Manchester said: “Market St Boots, sold out of hand sanitiser and limiting the stock to two per person.

Coronavirus UK: Shops left bare as shoppwers 'panic'Coronavirus UK: Shops left bare as shoppwers 'panic' (Image: GETTY)

Coronavirus UK: Retailers left bareCoronavirus UK: Retailers left bare (Image: Express)

“Is Manchester panicking? Or is this needed?”

Another said: “I tried to buy a hand sanitiser from my local supermarket, no luck, all sold out, Coronavirus panic!”

In order to help the public to protect against the spread of coronavirus, UK retailer Boots released a statement assuring the public they do have added stock in their warehouses.

In a statement, the store said: “The best way to help prevent catching a virus is by making sure that you regularly wash your hands with soap, and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent transmission from surfaces, especially after blowing your nose, sneezing and coughing.

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Coronavirus UK: The supplies of hand sanitiser have run lowCoronavirus UK: The supplies of hand sanitiser have run low (Image: Express)

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“Antiviral hand foams and gel can also be useful when you are out and about.”

Within the Government’s 27-page battle-plan, schools could be closed in the worst-case scenario.

They also stated, large gatherings could be cancelled to stop the spread of the contagion.

There were also provisions which

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