NASA is tracking a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid heading our way at more ...

AN ASTEROID dubbed "potentially hazardous" and measuring up to 1,280ft (390m) across, is headed our way at more than 52,900mph (85,130kmh), US space agency NASA has found.

PUBLISHED: 20:47, Tue, Mar 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:10, Tue, Mar 3, 2020

The asteroid, officially named 2012 XA133, is barreling towards us on a “close approach” trajectory. At its current speed, NASA estimates the space rock will close-in on us by the end of the month.

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Asteroid XA133 was first found racing around the Sun nearly eight years ago and has since been watched by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object (CNEOS).

Astronomers have labelled the asteroid a near-Earth object (NEO) and potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA).

However unlikely, potentially hazardous rocks could crash into the planet at a future date and are big enough to cause widespread destruction upon impact.

NASA said: “A relatively small number of near-Earth objects pass close enough to Earth and are large enough in size to warrant close observation.

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Asteroid warning: Large space rock over EarthAsteroid warning: NASA is tracking a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid approach (Image: GETTY)

Asteroid fact box: Interesting asteroid factsAsteroid fact box: Interesting facts about asteroids (Image: EXPRESS/GETTY)

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“That's because the gravitational tug of the planets could, over time, cause an object's orbital path to evolve into an Earth-crossing orbit.

“This allows for the possibility of a future collision.”

NASA predicts Asteroid XA133 will make its closest approach to Earth on March 27 around 3.52am GMT (10.42pm EST).

NASA believes potentially hazardous asteroids and comets can both get “unusually close” to Earth.

The space agency said: “Potentially hazardous asteroids are about 150m – about 500ft – or larger, roughly twice as big as the Statue of Liberty is tall.

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