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THE BIG BANG THEORY was followed up by a prequel series called Young Sheldon which focuses on the scientist as a child. Fans have spotted a casting crossover relating to Sheldon's dad.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 19:00, Tue, Mar 3, 2020

In The Big Bang Theory fans came to learn Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) did not have a great relationship with his dad. George Cooper Sr was not featured in the series as he supposedly died 13 years before the show began. However, he appears a lot in the spin-off prequel, Young Sheldon, and is played by Lance Barber.


In the original series Sheldon claims his parents had a rough marriage as they fought all the time.

Their noisy disputes left Sheldon traumatised and he has never spoken highly of his dad since.

Sheldon describes his dad to his friends as being a redneck-style Texan with a strict nature.

Fans have spotted the same Young Sheldon actor plays another character in The Big Bang Theory.

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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon's dad in Young SheldonBig Bang Theory: Sheldon's dad played Jimmy Speckerman (Image: Channel 4/Getty)

Big Bang Theory: Leonard meets Jimmy SpeckermanBig Bang Theory: Johnny Galecki and Lance Barber (Image: Getty)

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Yoda892 posted on Reddit: “Anyone ever notice season 5 E 11 Leonard (Johnny Galecki) confronts his bully who is played by the father of Sheldon in the series Young Sheldon?

“Therefore Sheldon’s dad is Leonard’s bully in another TV show based in the same universe?”

The episode referred to is called The Speckerman Recurrence and in the episode Leonard faces off with his high school bully, Jimmy Speckerman.

In the episode Jimmy (played by Lance Barber) contacts Leonard through Facebook and tells him he wants to meet for a drink.

Young Sheldon: George Cooper SrYoung Sheldon: Lance Barber is George Cooper (Image: Channel 4)

Young Sheldon: George Cooper says goodnight to SheldonYoung Sheldon: Sheldon with his dad George (Image: Channel 4)

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