#Coronavirus riddle: Women FAR less likely to be infected - 'Like they're ...

Virologist Ilaria Capua said women were "more resistant" to coronavirus than men as though they were "vaccinated". She predicted females would be the "engine to restart everything" in the fight against COVID-19. 

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Ms Capua, Director of the University of Florida's One Health Centre of Excellence, said of 's figures: “Women are more resistant to the virus, as if they were vaccinated. They will be the engine to restart everything. 

"The data coming from seems encouraging to me, in the sense that the virus seems to be loosening its hold.

"I am cautiously optimistic, we will see the real effects of the containment measures in the coming weeks".

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coronavirus symptomsCoronavirus symptoms: Women are more resistance to coronavirus than men, according to a virologist (Image: GETTY )

Coronavirus symptomsCoronavirus symptoms: (Image: GETTY )

At the time of writing, has seen more coronavirus fatalities than any other country, with the latest count at 7,503 in barely a month.

Speaking on TV show "Dimartedì" said she did not know where women were more resistant but warned of a "gender revolution".

So much so, she said women may be able to return to work earlier than women after the coronavirus pandemic 

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Coronavirus symptomsCoronavirus symptoms: The disease is spreading across the world at an alarming rate (Image: GETTY )

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