How to Grow Weed at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

In many states, it is safe and legal to grow weed at home for recreational, health, and cosmetic purposes. It won’t be wrong here to mention that a rapidly growing culture has been observed. So if you have decided to raise your own weed, and looking for the experience of home-grown marijuana, then review the following steps:

Step 1: Decide On Your Seeds

Initially, you need to choose cannabis seeds for indoor yield. Understandably, the selection is staggering, but finding help at i49 is an ideal option. It would be convenient for you to shop Sativa, Indica, or other strain types by just clicking online. It is good if you already have a fair idea of your preferences and tastes. With that in mind, you also need to consider growing conditions. For instance, if you are growing plants in a small cupboard, then fast-maturing strains will be preferable. However, if you aim to grow yield in your backyard, you can consider other suitable options.

Step 2: Cater to Growing Fundamentals

Moving on, you need to take good care of cannabis fundamentals. It is one of the initial phases, which can determine the success rate of your crop. You need to consider the appropriate levels of natural light, growing medium, air, water, temperature, humidity, and check on the required nutrients for better growth. These factors are equally important to set a suitable growing environment for your plants.

Step 3: Set Indoor Illumination

Indoor lighting is also required for the successful growth of cannabis plants. There are unlimited choices of lights available online and in markets. Your budget will decide on a suitable light for your crop. For indoor weed, if you have a restricted budget, you don’t need to worry. There are lights for every budget. This list includes CFL lights, LED lights, MG lamps, and HPS lamps.

Step 4: Take Care of Germination Phase

Now come the cannabis seedlings and germination phase. The seeds that you have used for the growth of plants begin their life cycle at this stage. This is a sensitive phase for your yield. The seeds won’t properly germinate unless you serve the three specific needs. Accurate temperature (warmth), water, and the desired location. Germination is an organic process of weed growth, and over time, you will learn which germination method works best for your plants.

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Step 5: Take Care of Vegetative Phase

Next, there is going to be a vegetative phase. At this point, you will noticeably observe green leaves. During vegetation, your plants gradually start to metabolize. If you are growing indoor yield, then make sure that your plants are getting eighteen hours of day and six hours of night light routinely. Contrarily, for an outdoor crop, plants can grow rapidly under direct sunlight.

Step 6: Period of Blooming

This is the blooming phase of healthy cannabis. If you have correctly followed the previous steps, you can expect the flowering and budding of your plants. This is the actual step of growth. Therefore, you need to take good care of plants for the next few months. Remember that excessive watering and increased use of nutrients at this phase can substantially hinder the development. Hence, put extra effort into securing all the stages of blooming.

Step 7: Do Harvesting, Drying, & Curing

Lastly, you need to follow harvesting, drying, and curing activities for best quality buds. This step consists of the last few workweeks. At this phase, you must ignore nutrients and carefully flush out your crop with clean water. This way, you can guarantee the best and pure flavors, which are free of harmful chemicals and built-up salt

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