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TALES FROM THE LOOP is a new series on Amazon Prime and explores a world beyond the reach of others. Who is in the cast of Tales from the Loop?

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Fri, Apr 3, 2020

Tales from the Loop is about to drop on Amazon Prime and the series was inspired by the works of Swedish artist, Simon Stålenhag. The series follows a town and its people who live above The Loop, a machine built to explore previously unknown miracles of the universe. In the trailer for the new series, viewers see how anything is possible, and there are some definite Star Wars vibes as uncharted territory is explored.

Who is in the cast of Tales from the Loop? George - Paul Schneider

George is the husband of Loretta in the series and the pair have a son called Cole. George's dad, Russ, was the creator of The Loop.

George has a mechanical hand in the series and he is struggling to be the father he wants to be for his children.

Schneider is an American actor who is best known for his role as Mark in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

The award-winning actor picked up Best Actor in a Narrative Feature award at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014 for his role in Goodbye to All That.

He has also written and directed a number of films including Pretty Bird in 2008 and All the Real Girls in 2003.

His other TV credits include Chance, Channel Zero: Candle Cove and The Divide.

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Tales from the Loop: The castTales from the Loop: The main actors (Image: Amazon Prime)

Tales from the Loop: Rebecca Hall plays LorettaTales from the Loop: Rebecca Hall stars in the series (Image: Amazon Prime)

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Loretta - Rebecca Hall

In the series, Loretta Willard is a talented physicist and she is married to George Willard, with a young son called Cole.

She does not see eye to eye with her father-in-law, Russ Willard, who founded the Loop, known as the Mercer Centre for Experimental Physics.

Her work at the Loop is what drives her and she is keen to discover answers to the impossible. She is also battling with personal trauma from her youth.

Hall, who plays Loretta, is a British actress who has been in the acting world since she was 10-years-old.

Her most recent project is Godzilla vs Kong, which is in the post-production phase, and she also starred in The Night House in 2020.

The star is also known for her roles in Iron Man 3, The BFG and Holmes and Watson.

In a video for Build, Hall said: "I was very taken with the premise of it, it was inspired by artworks which I thought was very compelling and rare.

"It was nice to see this was coming from a place of a very strong visual aesthetic."

Tales from the Loop: Russ and Cole exploreTales from the Loop: Jonathan Pryce and Duncan Joiner (Image: Amazon Prime)

Tales from the Loop: The children hear somethingTales from the Loop: The children make a discovery (Image: Amazon Prime)

Jakob - Daniel Zolghardi

In the series, Jakob is led into a woodland area and he comes across a strange object which had originated from The Loop.

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