Princess Anne was 'not ashamed' of her extramarital affair

In 1989, letters were stolen from her briefcase and sent to The Sun newspaper, exposing her affair with the Queen’s Equerry, Commander Timothy Laurence. Anne had been married to Captain Mark Phillips since 1973, but it was an unhappy marriage. Soon after the news broke that Anne was seeing Timothy, she and Mark separated and then divorced in 1992.

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However, during the investigation into the stolen love letters, Anne and Timothy were completely open about their relationship with the police.

Detective Chief Superintendent Roy Ramm told the 2002 Channel 4 documentary: “They were good witnesses for me.

“They were upfront about it, they were not ashamed of their relationship.

“They were clearly disturbed by the fact it had been revealed in the way it had, but they were completely open and Commander Laurence’s only concern was trying to protect the princess.”

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princess anne newsPrincess Anne was "not ashamed" of her affair with the Queen's personal servant (Image: GETTY)

scotland yardScotland Yard investigated the crime (Image: GETTY)

Anne had been visiting Timothy in Winchester for some time, and all his neighbours seemed to know this, but never told anyone.

Former Daily Express reporter Ashley Walton said that it was “extraordinary” that the press never caught wind of it.

He said: “She sort of gets loyalty from people who don’t know her and have nothing to do with her.

“No one thought to ring the paper and tell us.”

princess anne mark philipsPrincess Anne and her former husband Mark Phillips (Image: GETTY)

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