Lockdown is doing more harm than good, says FREDERICK FORSYTH

Closed shopsClosed shops during the coronavirus lockdown (Image: Mike Kemp/In PIctures via Getty Images)

People with serious health problems like cancer are being rebuffed from their desperately needed treatment so that the NHS will not implode from over-demand on its limited capacity. But that is not "saving lives" - it is just exchanging one life for another in a not-so-prioritised category. It is a sad but unavoidable fact that thousands die each year from the long category of life-shortening illnesses. For years we have accepted this. The Covid-19 total is still far below the all-other-categories annual total.

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We also know that 90 percent of deaths assigned to Covid are in the two categories of very advanced old age and serious existing medical condition. In other words, Covid has hastened a sad demise that could not have been long anyway. 

In these categories seasonal winter flu has for years carried away several tens of thousands and the country never said a word. Nor did the media. One simply accepted, albeit with sadness, that death by disease was a fact of life on Earth.

But with our economy now in the gutter, what price do you put on a million destroyed small businesses, double

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