#AntiquesRoadshow guest speechless as 'iconic' James Bond prop gets staggering ...

Marc Allum was overjoyed when he came across a guest’s bowler hat after discovering it was the iconic hat worn by Goldfinger’s henchman, Oddjob in the James Bond classic. The antique expert was surprised and taken aback by the hat’s story and left the owner stunned with a huge valuation on Antiques Roadshow.

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“I’m shaking with anticipation and excitement,” Marc began. “This I think is an amazingly iconic collection of objects and an amazing story too.

“So what we have here is something that is pretty obvious, JB 007 a car numberplate doesn’t need much explaining at the moment and what we have here is a bowler hat.

“And it’s the bowler hat from Gold Finger arguably one of the best James Bond films ever made that belonged to OddJob, Gold Finger’s henchman.”

“That’s incredible, give me some provenance,” the antique expert asked.

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Antiques RoadshowAntiques Roadshow: Marc left the guest speechless (Image: BBC)

Antiques RoadshowAntiques Roadshow: Marc was overjoyed with the items' story (Image: BBC)

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The owner revealed: “My brother-in-law was the driver for Aston Martin that took the Aston Martin back and forth to Pinewood Studios.”

“Also he was the person who picked up Sean Connery to take him instead of him going on the bus.”

He revealed his brother-in-law’s name was Peter Davis as he pointed to a newspaper cutting that displayed his relative’s photo and information about his work. 

“Well that’s a pretty amazing story, do we know how the ’OddJob’ hat came into his possession?” Marc asked. 

Antiques RoadshowAntiques Roadshow: The guest brought an exciting collection of items along (Image: BBC)

“Well I was a big Bond fan and my brother-in-law asked Pinewood Studios if he could have one of the hats,” the guest explained. 

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