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Coronation Street star Kym Marsh, 43, has spoken out after reading claims that she was against the HPV vaccine. The soap actress told her Twitter followers how there had been "crossed wires".

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I believe there has been crossed wires.

Kym Marsh

It comes after Real Housewives star Leanne Brown recently spoke about how she decided against giving her three daughters the vaccine and questioned whether vaccinations are safe.

In a recent video, she announced to her followers: "Maybe other things may not be safe and it was the HPV vaccine actually that I posted about my girls, deciding not to have it."

After she shared her views on Instagram, former Corrie star Kym told her friend: "Beautiful freckles! Naturally gorgeous," which as a result seemingly led to followers assuming she had agreed with her argument.

However, this morning, the ITV favourite decided to confront the comments as she wrote to her 783,000 followers: "Wow ok so for some strange reason I have been targeted as saying I am anti the HPV vaccine.

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Kym Marsh Twitter assumption reaction followersKym Marsh confronts comments on Twitter (Image: Youtube/Getty)

Kym Marsh Coronation Street star motherKym Marsh responds to comments around HPV vaccine (Image: Getty)

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"For clarity I have never agreed with anyone for being so."

The TV star went on to explain: "My daughter had the hpv vaccine in school and so will polly.

"So why would I now be anti it? I believe there has been crossed wires."

The actress was then spotted responding to several comments: "Just because we don’t agree with her views doesn’t mean I

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