End of Sturgeon: SNP chief warns First Minister of 'uncertain' future after ...

Joanna Cherry warned Nicola Sturgeon's future could be hanging in the balance if she doesn't change the direction of the Scottish National Party (SNP) following the coronavirus crisis. She warned Ms Sturgeon was "respected and trusted" but that "would not be enough".

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Ms Cherry warned Ms Sturgeon could face the same fate as former Prime Minister Winston Churchill who led the country through the Second World War but was not reelected in the 1945 General Election.

Writing for The National, she said: “Currently, we are at the peak of a crisis led by a leader who is widely respected and trusted.

"However, when the peak of the crisis is over and we start to return to some degree of normality, that won’t be enough.

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nicola sturgeonNicola Sturgeon has been warned over her future as First Minister (Image: PA)

Nicola SturgeonNicola Sturgeon is leading Scotland through the coronavirus crisis (Image: PA)

“After the Second World War was won, when Britain went to the polls, voters chose not the leader who won the war but Clement Attlee, who had a radical plan for the peace.

“After this crisis is over, people may well be in mood for radical change in Scotland. We need to make sure the SNP is the party of that radical change.”

Before the coronavirus broke out, Ms Sturgeon was hit by constant speculation she would step down as Scotland's leader.

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Nicola SturgeonJoanna Cherry warned about Sturgeon's future (Image: PA)

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