Ola and James Jordan's heartache as mum suffers heart attack in Poland

Ola Jordan, 37, and husband James, 42, touched on their latest heartache that's plagued their lives for the past few months. The couple seem to have been hit with one thing after another furring these trying times but their most recent worrying news was after hearing Ola's mother had suffered another heart attack.BACK BRITAIN'S BRAVE NHS HEROES - CLICK HERE NOW

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In their Hello! Magazine column on Thursday, the former Strictly Come Dancing couple shared their woes after another tough week.

"It's been an eventful week again - Ola's mum had a heart attack," James admits.

"She had one eight years ago and had stents put in. This time, she was at home and having pains in her chest, heart attack-like symptoms. The doctors were going to put more stents in but ultimately decided against it, and because it's been eight years since the last one they've changed her medication and she's feeling a lot better."

He continued: "They let her go home because they didn't want her to stay in the hospital for too long because she'd be high risk if she got COVID-19."

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Ola Jordan on heartache over tragic family newsOla Jordan on heartache over tragic family news (Image: GETTY•ITV)

Ola Jordan and James spoke about their tough weekOla Jordan and James spoke about their tough week (Image: GETTY)

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Ola added her pain at being unable to visit her mum during this worrying time due to the lockdown that most countries have adopted to try and cap the spread of coronavirus.

"Poland is the same as here, everything's locked up so my dad couldn't visit her in hospital," she explained.

"Just when you think it couldn't get any worse! I said to James 'Please don't ever say it couldn't get any worse', because it absolutely could.

She continued: "It a difficult time because there's no way I can fly to Poland right now, so it's hard."

James Jordan expressed his heartache about not being able to see his dadOla Jordan's husband James expressed his heartache about not being able to see his dad (Image: TWITTER)

Ola Jordan and James rushed baby Ella to the hospital for 'bad reflux'Ola Jordan and James rushed baby Ella to the hospital for 'bad reflux' (Image: INSTAGRAM)

She added that they've got their "fingers crossed" that she'll make a speedy recovery and

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