Britons gearing up to "fly more than ever" but is it safe?

AIR TRAVEL is currently on hold around the world for many, but that doesn't mean people aren't thinking about their next big adventure. New data suggests Britons are planning on flying "more than ever" despite the pandemic, but will they be safe to do so?

PUBLISHED: 09:25, Fri, May 8, 2020 | UPDATED: 09:47, Fri, May 8, 2020

Airlines and holiday operators around the world have been forced to put an abrupt stop to any impending holiday plans, with many people now realising their hopes of a summer holiday could be dashed. However, new data suggests that even amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Britons are gearing up for air travel in the future, more so than ever before.

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New data from Skyscanner shows that more than a quarter of the nation remain confident in air travel, saying they will travel "more than ever”.

Meanwhile, 75 percent of Britons are missing the freedom of life before the pandemic took a hole, saying they are “now more appreciative of being able to travel freely".

Though travel may have been one of the main catalysts of the virus spreading so rampantly, holidays and world exploration remain a priority once the government say it is okay to do so once again.

Even in lockdown, plans for future holidays haven’t been too far from people’s minds.

Skyscanner’s experts found that “bucket list” travel has climbed to the top of the agenda, with 75 percent more likely to finally turn trips to dream destinations into a reality after lockdown, and 64 percent saying they will “make better use of their time for travel".

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coronavirus travelHolidays after COVID-19: New data suggests over a quarter of Britons will "fly more than ever" (Image: Getty Images)

traveller wearing a medical maskTravel after COVID-19: Many airlines are trialling the use of passenger face masks (Image: Getty Images)

A further 29 percent say that the experience has made them consider being “more adventurous in the way they travel”, hoping to explore more destinations and cultures.

Despite financial concerns, 12 percent anticipate spending even more money than usual.

Of course, the current pandemic has swayed the confidence of some.

Around 25 percent of people will now approach travel more cautiously, and 23 percent say domestic travel will take precedence.

Unsurprisingly, safety is a major concern for many people, and fears surrounding this could have a detrimental impact on tourism.

The COVID-19 pandemic could result in a decline of between 60 and 80 percent in international tourist arrivals according to The World Tourism Organisation.

In the UK alone, there has been a 54 percent drop in overseas visits to the UK and a 55 percent fall in spending to £11.6billion according to a forecast by VisitBritain.

However, airlines and travel providers are working hard to test and instigate health and hygiene measures

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