Physical activity among adults has fallen during lockdown - with a third ...

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A poll of 2,000 adults found those who’ve increased in weight have put on an average of six lbs during recent weeks. Coupled with this, the typical adult has gone from doing an average of two hours of physical activity a day prior to the restrictions to just one hour and 32 minutes now. This includes everything from a short walk to cleaning the home. As a result, the study commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research found 68 per cent are concerned about the impact of doing little or no physical exercise might have on their health.

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Dr Kathryn Scott, chief executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research, said: “There’s no denying there are fewer ways of exercising at the moment.

“And with millions of adults working from home or looking after school children, many of us will have no cause to leave our homes – often for days at a time.

“But being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight is so crucial to reducing the likelihood of developing cancer.

“It’s really important to exercise when possible – and where safe to do so.”

In addition to overall levels of physical activity falling, the study also found levels of vigorous exercise - activity which causes hard and fast breathing and difficulty talking - have dropped considerably.

Pre-lockdown, those polled managed to exert themselves to this level for two hours and 47 minutes a week, but this has now fallen by almost an hour to just one hour and 54 minutes.

Similarly, average daily step counts have dropped from 8,534 to 6,169.

For 37 percent of adults, a lack of motivation is one of the key reasons for not exerting themselves more.

Woman exercising at homeMany would like to

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