#TippingPoint: ITV viewers shocked as counter gets STUCK during drop in show ...

Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard was back in his role as Tipping Point host this evening to see if any of the four new contestants had what it took to take the elusive £10,000 jackpot counter out of the machine. After seeing off the competition, it was left to Brett to plunge the jackpot counter into the machine, but proceedings on the ITV quiz show were momentarily halted when another disc appeared to get stuck in on its way down.

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Brett struggled to gather momentum in his final face-off against the machine on today's Tipping Point.

After making it to the last round, he decided to pop the oversized jackpot counter into drop zone three.

However, the questions didn't fall too kindly for the ITV quiz contestant although he did manage to secure all three available counters on his category.

Ben asked the finalist: "In 1977, who became the first British designer to receive a knighthood?"

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Tipping Point: A counter gets stuck mid-dropTipping Point: A counter gets stuck mid-drop (Image: ITV)

Tipping Point: The counter was motionless in the machineTipping Point: The counter was motionless in the machine (Image: ITV)

Tipping Point viewers ‘switch off’ as contestant's mistake

The possible answers presented were A) Hardy

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