'I was turning to drink' One Show host Alex Scott opens up about trolling in ...

ALEX SCOTT - the former England footballer - has revealed she found herself "turning to drink" when she was a victim of social media trolling after she retired from playing football internationally in 2017.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sat, Aug 1, 2020

Alex Scott, 35, who competed on Strictly Come Dancing last year with professional dancer Neil Jones, has opened up about "turning to drink" when she was being trolled on social media after she stopped playing football for England three years ago. The One Show host said she initially tried to "hide" how she was feeling at the time.


I was turning to drink.

Alex Scott

It comes after Alex spoke about her struggles with footballer Troy Deeney at Watford’s training ground in a new video for The Duke of Cambridge's Heads Up campaign as part of its Sound of Support series.

Alex said: “I was that footballer where, when I retired [and was] getting trolled, I found that I was turning to drink to try and hide what I was feeling.

"I didn’t tell anyone - I didn’t tell my mum because I didn’t want her to worry," she shared.

"I’m very much that person – I can look after myself, I can deal with stuff - but then obviously sometimes that’s the wrong way."

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Alex Scott The One Show trolling alcohol therapyAlex Scott 'turned to drink' to cope with social medoa trolling (Image: PA/Heads Up #SoundOfSupport)

Alex Scott footballer england mental health trollingAlex Scott talks mental health and vicious comments (Image: PA)

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The presenter went on to discuss how she couldn't ignore the vicious comments, leading her to seek therapy.

"I got to a dark place and it was over Christmas that’s when I was like ‘I can’t carry on like this’ - this is not me - I need to seek help.

"Now when I talk about mental health, straight away I’m smiling," she added.

"Because I know what it’s done for me to leave that place. I’m content. I’m happy. And I feel like I want to give that to everyone else.”

Alex Scott Strictly COme Dancing 2019 Neil jonesAlex Scott partnered up with Neil Jones on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019 (Image: PA)

Alex Scott BBC Sky Sports pundit footballerAlex Scott retired from international football in 2017 (Image:

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