Major blow for cruises as COVID-19 outbreak swamps one of the first sailings to ...

CRUISES have been dealt a new blow, with one of the first European cruises to return to sailing reporting an outbreak of coronavirus onboard. What does this mean for future cruise plans?

PUBLISHED: 16:31, Sun, Aug 2, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:34, Sun, Aug 2, 2020

Norwegian cruise line Huritgruten became one of the first in Europe to take to the seas once again after months docked during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, following its 7-day cruise which departed on July 24, a new outbreak of the virus was detected onboard.

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The expedition cruise ship Roald Amundsen sailed from Tromsø, Norway on July 24 with 177 passengers and 160 crew onboard.

However, during the sailing, it is reported that a number of crew members began to feel unwell - though were not showing traditional signs of COVID-19.

Given the prominence of the pandemic, those crew members were isolated, however, on August 1 the cruise line revealed that following tests a number of other workers were also found to be carrying the virus.

“Four crew members were confirmed positive Friday,” a statement on the Hurtigruten website reads.

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coronavirus on cruiseCruise: A number of cruise workers and guests tested positive onboard a Hurtigruten cruise (Image: Getty Images)

Roald Amundsen shipCruise: The Roald Amundsen ship (Image: Getty Images)

“Extensive testing of the entire crew has concluded that additional 32 crew members are confirmed as COVID-19 positive. 122 of the crew have tested negative.”

According to the cruise line, three guests have also since tested positive.

“The initial four crew members that were infected were isolated several days ago because of other disease symptoms, showing no symptoms of COVID-19,” continues the statement.

“They were routinely tested before being admitted to hospital in Tromsø, Norway Friday morning.”

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