Cleaning: Expert reveals best way to clean home appliances

CLEANING is important in order to keep the home free of bacteria and germs. However many places are either overlooked or not cleaned as often as they need to be. Hoover Candy Group has shared the best tips on making cleaning more effective.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 03:00, Wed, Aug 5, 2020

Cleaning has never been more important than it has been in the past few months. With many deep cleaning their homes, certain appliances can be super hard to clean and take up effort and time. This means that they tend to be forgotten about but it is important to clean the white goods in your home.

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Deep clean the washing machine

Hoover says: “An eco-friendly way of cleaning the drum is to put one small glass of white wine vinegar directly into the drum and run an empty wash at 95°C.

“To clear any build-up of softener or residue that can attract bacteria, soak your detergent drawer(s) in a solution of hot water and bicarbonate of soda for about an hour, before cleaning the surface with a cloth or toothbrush.

“Always leave the door and detergent drawer open after a wash to help it ventilate and keep nasty smells to a minimum and keep the door seals fresh by wiping them monthly with a bleach-soaked cloth.”

De-fluff your tumble dryer

The cleaning experts explain: “Lint filters should be cleaned after every use, simply by gently ‘scraping’ lint from the internal surface of the filter. Failure to do this will result in a build-up of lint which has the potential to cause a fire.

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Cleaning: Expert reveals best way to clean home appliancesCleaning: Expert reveals best way to clean home appliances (Image: Getty)

“Running the filter under the tap or giving it the once over with a vacuum cleaner will ensure its extra clean, but remember if it’s wet, it must be dry before putting it back in place.”

De-grease the dishwasher

Hoover says: “Aside from running a ‘care’ or ‘hygiene’ programme on your dishwasher, you can make sure it gets the dishes extra clean by placing a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper rack and running a programme of 60°C+. This will wash away grease and grime and remove any odours, too.

“In terms of regular maintenance, remove and wash the filters on a weekly basis in warm soapy water and undertake a full clean on a monthly basis.”

Clear out the vacuum cleaner debris

The experts say: “Whether you have a cordless cylinder or upright vacuum cleaner, you need to keep the filter(s) free from dust and debris.

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