Juice detox diet: How to lose half a stone in a week - and keep it off

JUICE detox diets can often help cleanse the body and promise weight loss results within just one week. How do they work and what juices can you make at home?

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Juice diets are based around consuming a variety of juiced fruits and vegetables and involve avoiding solid food for a set period of time. The calorie intake is usually very restricted which means your diet will be in a large deficit, allowing you to lose weight fast. Juice diets should only be done short-term but they can be repeated throughout the year.

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For three to five days before a juice cleanse it is recommended to start eliminating certain foods like sugar, meat, dairy and alcohol to lower the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

Cutting these food groups out of your diet can also help improve your mood.

It is also advised to increase your fluid intake before the cleanse begins.

You can easily make your own juices at home and should be drinking around three a day, just like you would usually eat meals.

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Juice detox diet: How to lose half a stone in a weekJuice detox diet: How to lose half a stone in a week (Image: Getty)

Foods to put into juices include raw fruits, raw vegetables and almond milk but this diet is so popular because you can put anything you want into your juice.

Incorporating calorie negative foods into your juices can also help you lose weight quicker because they virtually contain little to no calories.

Foods promoted as negative calorie foods are typically those with a high water content. The water content will keep your body hydrated and keep you fuelled. It will also help with the weight loss process.

Watermelon and cucumber are great refreshing foods that contain little calories but are also tasty and contain weight loss components.

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