Cleaning: How to make homemade safe and eco-friendly cleaning products

CLEANING products are often very expensive and with specific products for different rooms, the cost of cleaning can come at a price. However a cleaning expert has shared tips on how to make cleaning products that work just as good.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 04:00, Sun, Aug 9, 2020

Cleaning has never been more important with those trying to keep germs and bacteria out of their homes. Claire Nicholas, founder of, has a range of organic cleaning products with natural ingredients from garlic and citrus that can be used to clean the home. However she has shared her tips with the on how you can make your own at home.

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Oven cleaning

Ovens can often get very dirty with grease and food spills that have escaped from the dishes during cooking.

These stains can be very hard to remove and need to be done with caution as certain cleaning products can react with the heat from the oven.

Claire says: “For small spills in the oven from pies or casseroles apply salt to it.

“This will stop smoke and make your cleaning job a whole lot easier.”

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Cleaning: How to make homemade safe and eco-friendly cleaning productsCleaning: How to make homemade safe and eco-friendly cleaning products (Image: Getty)

This should be done when the spill is new to get the best results but make sure not to burn yourself in the process.


Rust stains can often appear in places like the bathroom and keeping it at bay can be daunting because moisture will always be present.

Claire says: “For removing rust stains in the bathroom, apply lemon juice directly and clean with a toothbrush.”

The toothbrush will allow you to reach all the small crevices and work the lemon juice into them.

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