Did Sir Elton John and John Lennon ever collaborate? The story behind their ...

JOHN LENNON worked with many stars other than his Beatles bandmates - but did he collaborate with Sir Elton John

PUBLISHED: 18:47, Mon, Aug 10, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:47, Mon, Aug 10, 2020

John Lennon and Sir Elton John, it seems, had an interesting relationship. In the movie Rocketman, a tribute to John is clear when Taron Egerton, playing Sir Elton, looks at a photo of John to influence his choice of stage name. While this isn’t strictly factual, clearly the pair had a close bond which was important enough to include.

Did Sir Elton John and John Lennon ever collaborate?

John Lennon and Sir Elton absolutely did collaborate, with some interesting circumstances behind some of their working together.

Both Sir Elton and John were keen songwriters, with Sir Elton usually relying on his writing partner, Bernie Taupin, to provide him with lyrics which he could set to music.

Interestingly, John and his Beatles writing partner, Sir Paul McCartney, did not have this issue, as they both contributed lyrics and music to one another’s compositions.

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Did John Lennon and Sir Elton John collaborate?Did John Lennon and Sir Elton John collaborate? (Image: Getty)

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However, John and Sir Elton’s collaborations were few but mainly consisted of the pair contributing their musical talents to each other’s work.

First, Sir Elton asked for his friend’s help on a Beatles cover, and in 1974 John helped Sir Elton form his version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

The B-side to this track was One Day at a Time, by John Lennon, and thus began a beautiful partnership.

Of course, John was not going to appear on the track in a normal way, and instead, he was credited as Dr Winston O’Boogie, with Winston being John’s middle name.

Sir Elton John and John Lennon on stage togetherSir Elton John and John Lennon on stage together (Image: Getty)

Returning the favour for John’s help, Sir Elton then played piano and added harmonies to John’s song Whatever Gets You Thru the Night, which appeared on John’s album Walls and Bridges.

Their final collaboration comes off the back of this track, in circumstances

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