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JEREMY VINE - who hosts a self-titled Channel 5 show - has shared a surprising behind the scenes revelation about his time working on BBC game show Eggheads, as the presenter explained "a relationship developed" when one of his co-stars alerted him to their discovery.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 07:15, Tue, Aug 11, 2020

Jeremy Vine, 55, has admitted that he became fascinated by a famous painting after finding out it was hanging in a gallery near the BBC studio where Eggheads is filmed in Glasgow. The Jeremy Vine Show host was alerted to the masterpiece’s location when Salvador Dalí came up as a question on the game show.


Jeremy explained: “Recording Eggheads was a b****y punishing routine.

“You started at 8am and finished around 8pm but, because of the efficiencies of TV, you’d do five shows a day for 14 days straight, with one day off in the middle.

“Salvador Dalí had come up as a question on the show, and one of the Eggheads said, ‘One of his most famous paintings is round the corner from here at the Kelvingrove [Art Gallery and Museum],’ and so I thought, ‘I’m going to see that the first chance I get.’”

Jeremy then discovered the painting was the artist’s famous work, entitled Christ of Saint John of the Cross, which had sentimental value to him.

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Jeremy VineJeremy Vine in behind the scenes Eggheads news (Image: BBC•GETTY)

Jeremy VineJeremy Vine became fascinated by a famous painting near the Eggheads studio (Image: BBC)

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He divulged in this week’s edition of Radio Times: “Amazingly, it turned out to be Christ of Saint John of the Cross.

“It was the favourite painting of an old English teacher of mine and I’d seen a picture of it at his house and never forgotten it.” 

The Channel 5 host recalled: “The room it’s hung in [at the gallery] is quite poky, but that makes it more dramatic and, because your heart would soar on your day off, I was in what could be described as a heightened state when I saw it for real.”

Jeremy went on to describe his connection to the work of art as a “relationship” which led him to purchase a full-scale copy that now hangs in his study.


Jeremy VineJeremy Vine bought a copy of the famous painting

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