Kate Garraway shut down as #GMB’s Dr Sarah Jarvis issues heatwave ...

Kate Garraway and Adil Ray kicked off today’s Good Morning Britain by discussing the weather forecast and how recent high temperatures have led to many struggling to get a good night’s sleep. However, as Kate offered up words of advice on how to keep cool, Dr Sarah Jarvis issued a warning. 

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GMB weather girl Laura Tobin revealed night temperatures are set to rise while Kate admitted she’s struggled to sleep.  

Laura said: “It’s the humidity that’s really high. We could have record [high] overnight temperatures either tonight or tomorrow night.

“So it’s actually going to get hotter over the next couple of nights.”

“Everyone’s struggling,” Kate commented. “We need those tips, don’t we? On how to stay [cool].

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Kate GarrawayKate Garraway was shut down by Dr Sarah Jarvis (Image: ITV)

Kate GarrawayKate Garraway revealed her tips to keep cool at night (Image: ITV)

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“I’ve tried dipping the sheet in water, it does work a bit but then you end up getting too chilly and then you get too hot.”

“Well try and get a job with ITV and they put you in a hotel with air conditioning,” Adil quipped.

Kate hit back: “I’ve got a job with ITV and they’ve never put me in a hotel with air conditioning.”

GMB viewers then sent in their suggestions for how to keep cool during the night. 

Kate GarrawayKate Garraway has struggled to sleep during the heatwave

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