Travellers may beat hand luggage size restrictions with this type of bag - but ...

HAND LUGGAGE rules often catch holidaymakers out and leave them handing over additional cash just to get their bag onboard. It seems one type of bag has the ability to beat luggage restrictions. Would you risk it?

PUBLISHED: 21:10, Tue, Aug 11, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:10, Tue, Aug 11, 2020

From easyJet to Ryanair, every airline has its own hand luggage rules in place - many of which carry an added cost for those found to be in breach of size and weight requirements. However, some nifty travellers suggest they might have a solution.

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It comes in the form of a specific type of bag which, according to the frequent fliers, has the ability to overcome size restrictions.

However, opting to try and take a bigger bag than allowed onboard comes with the risk of being denied altogether.

The advice was shared on a Reddit forum.

Many travellers suggested the key is to opt for a fabric or soft bag which can easily be “squashed” into the luggage sizer at check-in.

One traveller said: “I'd say it is likely that if you use the straps to compress the rucksack to the right size and then tie it up, it passes.

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Travellers with hand luggage at airportHand luggage: Travellers say one type of bag is key for beating restrictions (Image: Getty Images)

traveller with soft backpackHand luggage: Reddit users recommend using a soft bag (Image: Getty Images)

“A lot of airlines have a frame type thing at the airport and if your luggage fits into that, it passes.

“I have done this - take a rucksack empty on a trip, because I was buying stuff while away, so it goes out as hand luggage and comes back full as hold baggage.”

A second Reddit user was in agreement, saying: “Someone I've travelled with previously got away with a fairly big bag because it was soft and not full.”

Another added: “If there's any doubt, then rather than take a tape measure out, the check-in agent will ask you to put it into the

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