Everything you need to know about Leigh-Anne Pinnock's upcoming BBC documentary

LEIGH-ANNE: COLOURISM & RACE is the new one-off documentary coming to BBC Three featuring star, Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Wed, Aug 12, 2020

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is the second member of to make a gripping documentary for the BBC. Leigh-Anne's documentary is titled Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race and is coming soon to BBC Three. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know including release date, cast, trailer, plot and more.

When is Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race out?

Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race is coming soon to BBC Three and the BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, an exact release date has not yet been confirmed.

However, the star was spotted filming in and around London in June, so the documentary could be arriving on screens sooner than expected.

Announcing the documentary, Leigh-Anne said in a statement: “I want to make this film because I have always been passionate about rights for black people.

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Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race: Leigh-Anne Colourism and racism release dateLeigh-Anne: Colourism & Race: Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race is coming soon to BBC Three (Image: GETTY)

Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race: Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race documentaryLeigh-Anne: Colourism & Race: Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race is an hour long documentary on BBC Three (Image: GETTY)

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“Conversations surrounding racism and colourism are something I constantly have with my boyfriend and family, and as I have a platform, I want to use that platform to bring this conversation to a wider audience and stand up for my black and brown community.

“Systemic racism is complex; through making this documentary I want to learn how I can best lend my voice to the debate so that the young people who look up to me won't have to face what me and my generation have had to.”

When Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race airs, viewers will be able to watch the hour-long documentary via BBC Three and the BBC iPlayer.

Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race: Leigh-Anne PinnockLeigh-Anne: Colourism & Race: Leigh-Anne Pinnock and her bandmates (Image: GETTY)

Who will appear in Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race?

Leigh-Anne Pinnock will front her documentary, Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race.

She is best known for being a part of the four-piece girl band, .

The group was formed on the eighth series of The X Factor in 2011 and they were the first group to win the competition.

The documentary is produced by Kandise Abiola and will be the debut film of director and Leigh-Anne’s childhood friend, Tash Gaunt.

The documentary follows Leigh-Anne as she meets with others to discuss issues of colourism and race

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