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NICK FERRARI - who hosts LBC - has hit out at the Minister of State for School Standards Nick Gibb for making last minute changes to a decision about A-level and GCSE students' results after exams were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the presenter insisted the government's sudden move "simply isn't good enough".

PUBLISHED: 13:22, Wed, Aug 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:23, Wed, Aug 12, 2020

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari, 61, has criticised the government’s U-turn over A-level and GCSE exam results, which will allow students in England to use their mock exam results. The move comes after exams were cancelled this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Nick interviewed the Minister of State for School Standards, Nick Gibb, about the sudden decision and then hit out at the politician on Twitter for taking “four months to act”.

During their conversation on LBC, the MP said: “We’re just announcing another safety net for a small group of pupils for whom the existing appeals and calculated grade system may not work for them.

“With the system we have in place, the calculated grade, is a very robust and fair system. 

“I think the youngsters who are getting their results tomorrow can be confident in those grades.”

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Nick FerrariNick Ferrari hits out at Schools Minister Nick Gibb over exam changes (Image: TWITTER•LBC•GETTY)

Nick GibbNick Gibb spoke about changes to exam results on LBC (Image: TWITTER•LBC)

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The broadcaster went on to quiz: “Why the last minute change to include so-called mock results then if it’s so successful and why so late in the day Minister?”

To which Nick replied: “Because we want to make sure we capture every possible permutation of students for whom the calculated grade method may not work.

“It’s another form of appeal and if it’s the only evidence they have that the calculated grade does not reflect their ability in their work then this is another appeal to enable them to make that

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