Malone's exit 'confirmed' as star speaks out on tragic overdose plot #Emmerdale

Tonight’s instalment of Emmerdale saw Dawn Taylor (played by Olivia Bromley) head to the police station to voice her concerns over Malone (Mark Womack) lurking around the village and targeting her family. unsurprisingly Malone found out about her trip to the station and warned her to back off or lose her son Lucas. ITV viewers saw Dawn follow Malone as she became desperate to be reunited with her son. Unfortunately things will take a dark twist and Dawn will find herself in a very precarious situation.

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The latest soap spoilers have revealed Malone’s twisted plan to get rid of Dawn as she has threatened to come between him and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton).

He will explain the police believe Dawn’s testimony against him is false leaving her worried about what he will do next.

And she is right to be worried as Malone goes on to produce a wrap of heroine and a syringe.

Dawn will back away disgusted as she realises what Malone has planned for her.

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Mark Malone EmmerdaleEmmerdale spoilers: Malone's exit 'confirmed' as star speaks out on tragic overdose plot (Image: ITV)

Dawn Taylor EmmerdaleEmmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor was threatened by Malone this evening (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Malone threatens Dawn Taylor with Lucas' life

Malone will pressure Dawn into taking the heroine and having an overdose.

Dawn will fear there is no way out of Malone’s deal as he also holds a gun.

However, someone will arrive to rescue the recovering addict and Malone will be left on the floor.

It’s not yet known if he will be dead or simply unconscious but Mark has hinted it could be the end of the bent copper.

Di Malone EmmerdaleEmmerdale spoilers: Malone will try to convince Dawn to take an overdose of heroine

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