One woman shed a staggering five stone with a simple diet plan change ...

ONE woman showed off her impressive weight loss results after losing 5st 2lb. She opened up about the diet and exercise plan she used to help her transformation.

PUBLISHED: 10:04, Tue, Sep 1, 2020 | UPDATED: 11:30, Tue, Sep 1, 2020

Weight loss is best achieved with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. One woman shared her tips after slimming down from 16st 9lb to 11st 7lb.

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Emma Pennington, 32, noticed the pounds pile on after swapping her active role in the army for a job in a fish and chip restaurant.

Shortly after, the dieter started a job in an office which meant she spent most of the day sitting down.

Emma explained: "I had spent almost five years of my late teens and early 20’s in the British Army, refuelling and rearming helicopters, I was very fit and active.

"Unfortunately I sustained an injury to my back and hips and this is where I believe my weight problem started.

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Weight loss: Before after transformationWeight loss: One woman shared her five stone transformation (Image: SLIMFAST)

Weight loss: diet plan transformationWeight loss: She changed her diet plan to slim (Image: SLIMFAST)

"When I left the army in 2009 I hadn’t decided what career I wanted to pursue and I started working in a fish and chip shop restaurant and, as you can imagine, this contributed to my weight gain.

"In 2013 I started working for a medical legal company which involved me sitting at my desk for the majority of the day."

Moving less and eating more caused the slimmer to gain weight and Emma soon tipped the scales at 16st 9lb.

Once a healthy size 12, the slimmer was soon struggling to fit into a size 20.


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